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Reliable, quality power sources are integral to national security missions. Both private consumers and government entities need efficient power sources that are capable of being continuously monitored. Sandia spinoff company Advanced Manufactured Power Solutions (AMPS) provides custom, high-quality, and high-reliability battery packs for the defense and space industries. Its battery packs power high consequence, demanding applications with missions in extreme environments.

Technology Advancement

Former Sandia employees Joe Beck and Eric Branson left the labs utilizing Sandia’s Entrepreneurial Separation to Transfer Technology (ESTT) program to launch AMPS. The partners utilized the skills, expertise, and experience that they acquired during their time at Sandia to start their company, which builds battery packs, cables, and other small components of larger machines. Since the company’s primary customers are government organizations and defense contractors, AMPS designs, develops, and produces high-reliability, custom power sources supporting national defense and other high-value applications. Understanding that quality, reliability, and traceability are all critical to mission success, the company employs a rigorous quality management system throughout the development  and  production  process.  AMPS  delivers  a  rigorous  documentation  package  with  hardware  to demonstrate compliance to all requirements, ensuring that its products function as designed and provide unique power source solutions.


AMPS focuses on rapid product realization of high-reliability power sources and teaming with the customer for accelerated cycles of learning to deliver better value (higher quality, shorter development cycles, lower cost, etc.). AMPS, which supports several defense contractors, is also a Sandia supplier and creates high-paying jobs that help stimulate the local economy. The three-year-old company reached a significant growth milestone recently with its first out-of-state contract, a project for NASA’s Jet Propulsion Laboratory in Pasadena, California.

Sandia National Laboratories engineer Brian Perdue center collaborates with Advanced Manufactured Power Solutions co-founders Eric Branson left and Joe Beck right to build custom battery packs.

Entrepreneurial Success in Safe and Reliable Batteries

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Oct 1, 2020
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