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Facility Management Enterprise System (FMES)

Stage: Prototype

The Facility Management Enterprise System (FMES) provides a variety of tools to manage operations information across facilities and organizations incorporating interfaces to corporate systems as needed for data accessibility and real-time status updates and notifications.

  • The Y-12 National Security Complex has copyright protection for this technology.
  • TRL 9: Actual application of the technology in its final form and in Y-12 production use.

Applications and Industries

  • Manufacturing and industrial companies.
  • Government agencies.


  • Variety of status boards track and report the health of production, utility and facility support systems.
  • Provides review, update and approval capabilities for monthly reporting.
  • Provides flexible search and editing capabilities with the ability to upload supporting documents to be stored and associated with index records.
  • Keeps track of on-duty personnel and equipment assignments.
  • Allows multiple organizations to view and update status reports interactively with access to a complete searchable history of all records.
  • Replaces paper-based tools and records with electronic management of key facility operating documents.
  • Data are retained as historical records.
  • Operation activities can be planned and scheduled up to two months in advance.
  • Status boards can scroll continuous real-time system and equipment status, outages, announcements, and area update information.