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Justin Coleman


He is a licensed professional engineer and the seismic research and development group lead at Idaho National Laboratory (INL). In this role, he built a capability at INL to deploy advanced analytical methods and numerical tools used for seismic nonlinear soil-structure interaction analysis and quantifying nuclear power plant risk to external hazards, such as seismic and flooding. His background is in vibrational analysis of structures and spent fuel storage and in high-level waste processing. He has over 13 years of experience with spent fuel canister impact analysis using Explicit Finite Element Analysis (FEA) codes. He has performed linear and nonlinear vibrational analysis, including vibrational analysis of spent nuclear fuel, seismic analysis of used nuclear fuel storage racks, and seismic soil-structure interaction (SSI) analysis of nuclear facilities and nuclear power plants. He has performed nonlinear time domain collapse analysis of high-level waste and nuclear structures to determine margin to failure. He is also involved in research to understand technologies that could make advanced nuclear power plants economically viable. His research interests include the application of the business model canvas to research and development, cost-effective advanced reactor technology, nonlinear seismic SSI analysis, seismic protective systems, spent fuel transportation and storage, and beyond design basis threats to nuclear structures. He serves on the ASCE 4 and on ASCE 43 committees. He has authored numerous reports on nuclear canister impact analysis, seismic analysis, and seismic isolation. He has a master’s degree in engineering structures and mechanics.