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LPS brings together patents, intellectual property, and expertise from across the U.S. Department of Energy (DOE) national labs.
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Climate Related Resources

The Lab Partnering Service has assembled hundreds of national laboratory innovations and experts to help create innovative solutions in related to climate change.

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DOE energy experts will help answer your questions. Find and quickly connect with national lab experts by searching for technologies and keywords.

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Explore advanced innovation patents, supported by funding from the Department of Energy or NASA. Join the ecosystem of innovation!

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Discover advanced technologies that were developed with DOE funding and are available for licensing. Quickly connect with the national lab directly, right from the technology description!

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The national laboratories have state-of-the-art facilities that are open to industrial and academic users. Discover and learn about each facility. Then quickly connect with them to learn how to partner!

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Success Stories

The Lab Partnering Service builds partnerships between national labs, private companies, and institutions. Discover the many success stories and see how services like LPS and the amazing National Labs can impact your innovation.

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    Southeast Regional Carbon Sequestration Partnership Highlights Accomplishments
    High-resolution 32-year Wave Hindcasts for the U.S. Coastal Waters

Solutions Exchange

Do you have a technical challenge that requires capabilities not readily available in the marketplace? OTT's Solutions Exchange program connects you with DOE's National Labs to crowdsource ideas and help drive your innovation forward.

How to Partner

Every national laboratory has unique technical expertise, innovations and advanced facilities. Discover and learn about each lab, then easily contact the right person at each lab to discover how you can quickly, and easily work with a national lab.

About the Office of Technology Transitions

The Lab Partnering Service managed and continuously improved upon, by the DOE Office of Technology Transitions (OTT) and the amazing National Laboratories. OTT's mission is to expand the public impact of the department's research and development (R&D) portfolio to advance the economic, energy and national security interests of the nation.